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The following models, papers and newsletters can be downloaded freely. MI welcomes feedback on any of our models and publications.


The following "run-only" models can be used by anyone to experiment with scenarios for different investment options. The "research" version of the T21 Starting Framework is available only with a license, and offer greatly extended options for modifying and expanding the model. For more information on building a model for a country, region, or institution, contact us.

System Requirements: Windows 98 or later, 10MB Hard Disk, 64MB RAM

T21-China Model and User Guide (13mb)

T21-Lolland Model and User Guide (4.5mb)

T21-North America Model and User Guide (11.4mb)

T21-USA Model and User Guide (5.8mb)

T21-Jamaica Model and User Guide (5.4mb)

T21-Africa Environment Outlook Model and User Guide (7mb)

T21-Ghana Model and User Guide (3.8mb)

T21-Malawi Model and User Guide (3.8mb)

T21-Mali Model and User Guide (6.9mb)

T21-Mozambique Model and User Guide (4.6mb)

T21-Papua Model and User Guide (4.1mb)

T21-Guyana Model and User Guide (8.2mb)


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Available on Amazon.com

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