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Climate Change and Renewable Energy
Energy is at the core of our existence and without adequate energy, we risk compromising our quality of life.  Globalization, increasing population, and industrialization continue to place a huge demand on the world’s finite energy resources and create greenhouse gasses, which can impact the earth’s climate significantly.  MI is collaborating with several organization to study the implication of the current energy use pattern on the global economy over the longer term; evaluate alternative scenarios that produce adequate energy while reducing negative impacts;  and examine policies that are likely to assure energy sustainability.

T21-United States of America Model
T21-USA analyzes the short and long-term impact of energy issues on the US economy and environment. It offers a framework under which divergent views about the energy debate can be examined in a transparent, graphical, and easy-to-understand manner. more

T21-North America Model
A collaboration with Association for the Study of Peak Oil and Gas-USA and State University of New York’s College of Environmental Science and Forestry to examine energy issues in the context of an integrated framework that incorporates the relations of the energy sector to the broader economic, social, and environmental framework. This project is part of ASPO-USA’s Global Energy Modeling project. more

Climate Change Impacts on the Competitiveness of Energy-Intensive Manufacturing Sectors
A collaboration with High Road Strategies to examine how various climate policy proposals will affect the competitiveness of energy-intensive manufacturing sectors. more

Improving Understanding of Maui’s Water System to Inform Decision-making and Support Policy Formulation and Evaluation
A collaboration with Maui Economic Development Board to inform decision making on water resources and to plan for sustainable growth on the island. more

Future Prospects of Public Transportation
An examination of the assumptions underlying the vision of a future where oil is no longer being used in the U.S. rail transport sector. more

Analysis of Waste Reuse for Energy Production in Central Ohio
A collaboration with Ohio State University’s Center for Resilience to support regional Material Flow Analysis and Economic Input/Output analysis for the Central Ohio area. more

Analysis of the impacts of increasing the Corporate Average Fuel Economy (CAFE) Standards
A collaboration with Congressman Roscoe Bartlett’s (R-MD) office to analyze the impacts of increasing the Corporate Average Fuel Economy (CAFE) standards (H.R. 1506, H.R. 2927, and Revised Markey bills) and introducing a National Renewable Portfolio Standard (RPS) H.R. 969 bill. more

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