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Building capacity for comprehensive national development planning in Jamaica

Until recently, national development planning in Jamaica focused on economic growth and industrialization.  The government is now changing this approach to a more holistic one that emphasizes all the dimensions of sustainable development.  The government also envisions Jamaica reaching developed country status by 2030.

MI is assisting the Jamaican government with making this vision a reality.  We are currently developing a custom T21 model for Jamaica to address its needs and priorities.  Specifically, the model will support transforming Jamaica’s Medium Term Socio-economic Framework (MTSEF) into a quantitative model, and developing a broadly- owned comprehensive national development plan by mid 2007.

Technicians from the Planning Institute of Jamaica have received training in system dynamics tailored to public policy issues at the University of Bergen, Norway, and are now actively involved in the model building process.

In 2007, MI will complete development of the T21-Jamaica model, and conduct more capacity-building activities for additional technicians and other stakeholders to deepen their knowledge of the model, and increase the pool of people who are proficient in it.

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