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Latin America and Caribbean
South and East Asia
North America
Climate Change and Renewable Energy
Deep inequality hinders development in Latin America, while Caribbean states are highly vulnerable to natural disasters and external shocks, both of which exacerbate poverty. MI is helping to build capacity in the region to conduct comprehensive analysis of the challenges and the best path to meeting them.

Building capacity for comprehensive national development planning in Jamaica
MI is assisting the Jamaican government with institutionalizing T21 to conduct a more holistic policy analysis that emphasizes all the dimensions of sustainable development.

Analysis of the Stern Review on the Economics of Climate Change
A project carried out at Middlebury College in Vermont examines the effects of the Stern Report's recommendation on the level of investment in Ecuador's power sector.

Cost/benefit of structural reform of the bauxite and sugar industries in Guyana
MI customizes Threshold 21 model to Guyana, and performs analyses to support preparation of its Poverty Reduction Strategy Credit proposal for the World Bank.

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