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Visions of peaceful co-existence and development

Since 2005, MI has worked with the Swiss Centre for Applied Studies in International Negotiations (CASIN) to support a multi-donor effort to encourage politicians, policymakers, and community leaders in the Southwestern Balkans to think about their future in a regional context.

Emerging from a decade of conflict following the dissolution of the former Yugoslavia, the project is enhancing the ability of local governments to articulate development visions and policies, and promote cross-border cooperation and human security. Representatives from Albania, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Macedonia, Serbia and Montenegro and Kosovo, all who reflect a wide spectrum of views, participated on this project.

The Multi-Entity Gaming model was used to facilitate the vision-building process.  At workshops held in the course of a year, representatives of the seven entities worked together in teams to make policy interventions at regular 5-year intervals over a 20-year period.  The result of the interventions were seen and discussed by all, until a shared consensus was reached.

The outcome of this visioning exercise has been captured in a newspaper comprising a broad range of articles on socio-economic and political issues. The newspaper, titled The Balkans Daily and dated October 16, 2015, was launched on February 6, 2007. It presents two alternative realities that reflect the consequence of two distinct policy choices. It is anticipated that the publication will generate wide public debate on the challenges facing the Western Balkans region and the opportunities that exist for meeting them.

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