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Increasing broad stakeholder participation in national planning in Mozambique

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MI has worked in Mozambique since 2003, where we have been helping to support preparation and operationalization of Agenda 2025, a national document that sets out the path to Mozambique’s development and provides benchmarks of success for the nation and its development cooperation partners. The document, appropriately titled Agenda 2025: The Nations Vision and Strategies was unanimously approved by the Mozambican Parliament in December 2003.

Since preparing Agenda 2025, MI has worked with Mozambique’s government ministries and civil society groups to build their capacity to make further adaptations and applications of T21-Mozambique, and use it as a framework for constructive dialogue on policy issues. 

 Among other things, simulations performed with the model showed the impact new road construction projects would have on HIV prevalence, the impact of increased land under irrigation on water pollution, and the consequences of possible natural disasters on the economy of Mozambique.

The training given to civil society groups is also enabling them to participate more effectively in dialogues with the government on national policy.  The Mozambique Debt Group, a coalition of civil society groups, is preparing a position paper for dialogue with the Mozambican government on its 2006 – 2009 national development policy. 

In the coming year, MI will assist Mozambique to institutionalize T21-Mozambique in several government ministries to enable better coordination of the national development strategy among the different ministries.
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