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Climate Change and Renewable Energy
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With a population of 703 million, over half of who live on $1 a day or less, Africa is the world’s poorest continent. MI is helping African governments and institutions to address their development challenges by building capacity to use the T21 model to identify the best ways to reach the MDGs, develop poverty reduction strategies, and design other national development plans.

Kenya: New Tools to Accelerate the Eradication of Malaria
With funding from BioVision Foundation, MI has partnered with the International Centre of Insect Physiology and Ecology (ICIPE) to develop a malaria simulation model that well represents the dynamics of the epidemic and allows for evaluating policies to curb and eradicate the disease.

Mauritius: Scenario-based Planning Workshop in Mauritius
MI is partnerting with institutions in Mauritius on a number of initiatives related to energy sustainability, economic growth, capacity development.

Investigating South Africa's Renewable Energy Production Plans
As a developing economy, South Africa faces the dual challenge of pursuing economic growth and environmental protection. MI is working with the Council for Scientific and Industrial Research (CSIR) to develop decision support tools based on detailed modeling of the different interrelationships between the economic sectors, energy supply and demand sub-sectors, and the natural resource base and society at large.

Assessing best options for meeting the Millennium Development Goals in Ghana
MI's T21 model is used to assess the impact of impact of MDG-related interventions on Ghana’s economic and social development, and the synergies (or lack thereof) among them.

Africa: a glimpse into the future of the environment
T21 examines possible futures that may result from different environmental policy choices for UNEP's second African Environmental Outlook report (AEO-2).

Malawi translates vision to action using T21, and gains capacity for dynamic modeling
UNDP engaged MI to build capacity of the National Economic Council of Malawi to use the T21 model to facilitate development of a comprehensive national development strategy.

T21 supports development of national poverty reduction strategy in Mali
Under The Carter Center’s Development and Cooperation Initiative (DACI) with the Government of Mali, MI used T21 to support preparation of the Mali's poverty reduction strategy paper for the World Bank.

Increasing broad participation in national planning in Mozambique
MI worked with Mozambique’s government ministries and civil society groups to build their capacity use T21, and use it as a framework for broad dialogue on policy issues.

Environmental sustainability considerations reinforced in Mozambique's national development plan
In recognition of the nexus between poverty and the environment, the Mozambique Ministry of Planning and Development, mainstreaming environmental considerations more substansively into the national dialogue and planning process.

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