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Millennium Institute (MI) is an independent and non-partisan nonprofit organization founded in 1983 to inspire global action on sustainability issues. MI was founded at a time when the concept “sustainability” was not yet widely used in the development community. 

Drawing from his experience as the director of the “Global 2000 Report to the President” (US President Jimmy Carter), MI’s founder, Dr. Gerald Barney, saw an urgent need for countries the world-over to conduct similar studies as the Global 2000 Report to assess the long-term impact of policies on their economic and social development, and the environment. That need has never been more urgent today.

MI works at the cutting edge of international development, combining technical excellence and vast field experience in the macro analysis of economic, social, and environmental development challenges.  In pursuing our mission and objectives, we partner with a wide range of stakeholders to develop expanded dynamic macroeconomic models that support comprehensive and integrated scenario analysis of global, regional, and national development challenges. Our demonstrated understanding of the complexity of and interrelationships among policies in each sustainability dimension has helped to create greater and more open dialog among stakeholders in the formulation of policies.  In the past three decades, we have assisted more than 40 nations and regional groups to outline policies to achieve sustainable development goals.

We recognize that the private sector is an integral part of the economic and social system, and just as the public sector, carries a major responsibility for achieving sustainable development.  Our work with multi-national corporations has also led to new sustainable policies that are responsive to and reflective of host communities’ needs.

MI offers a major opportunity to promote coherent approaches to achieving development that is equitable, pro-poor, sustainable, and beneficial for society at the national, regional and global levels.  We have created an approach in the Threshold 21 model that supports looking into alternative futures from the business as usual scenario, and make informed choices on a way forward that optimize the synergies and minimize or mitigate the unintended consequences of policy decisions. With our partners, we have learned how to develop capacities to implement this innovative approach successfully. 

Our approach is stakeholder-led to assure ownership of the outcomes.  We jointly identify the set of issues to address, link existing planning instruments through our integrated planning framework, and build capacity to use the framework for planning, implementation, monitoring, and evaluation.

MI is an NGO in Special Consultative Status with the Economic and Social Council of the United Nations (ECOSOC). MI is registered in Washington, D.C.